Additional Solutions & Services

Sourcing & Procurement

Triple-S USA LLC, as a leading supplier, service and solution entity, is poised to provide clients with requested merchandises that meet specifications.

Commodity Procurement Solutions:

Sourcing & Procurement
The leading logistics source to provide clients with required merchandises that meet specifications.

Integrated Demand Planning
Triple-S USA LLC manages measures, analyzes and implements the supply coverage at the granular levels all the way to higher echelon. Our Integrated Demand Planning maps out gains, losses and costs to commodity purchases to best support our clients.

Integrated Solutions and Security

Enterprise Software Solutions

Training & Model best Enterprise Software support. Employed innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web service technology that delivers end-to-end, industry specific enterprise software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, services, retail, and hospitality that enable companies to increase efficiencies, improve performance, and build competitive advantage.

Enterprise Software Solutions

TRIPLE S - Security provides a complete package of static security and guarding services to secure critical infrastructure, major oil & gas projects, and government facilities.
Guard and Monitoring Services
High-Risk Facilities and Construction Site Protection
Security Management and Project Support
Surveillance Systems
K9 Explosive Detection Teams
Medical Support

A. Mobile Security Services

TRIPLE S - Security operates a fleet of armored and un-armored vehicles to securely transport personnel and equipment. Our mobile security teams are fully licensed, experienced and professional.
Personal Security Detail (PSD)
Convoy Escort Teams (CET)
Executive Protection
Personal and Vehicle Satellite Tracking
Ambulance and Medical Support

B. Security Consulting and Operational Intelligence

TRIPLE-S Security offers intelligence services to give our clients the information they need to make critical decisions. We assist in the development of corporate security policy and provide pre-deployment training packages for personnel.
Security Vulnerability Assessments
Risk Assessments & Security Analysis
Risk Management Consulting
Crisis Management Planning
Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.)

Outsourcing & Engineering

We customize the service together with our clients according to their needs and the type of project, providing:

Design, project and contracting.
Warehouse and Stock Management.
Qualified personnel, completely at the client's disposal.

Mobile Monitoring Process

Verify Pro Infrastructure for data transmission, Acquisitions, Installation of repeaters, Installation of cabinets, Studies of lines of sight, Remote monitoring, In-Building Sites, Supplementary Jobs, Pipeline plant internal and external and Development of engineering projects.


Triple S is to provide the best and proven security services available by providing the most capable security personnel and security solutions while, maintaining to operate with the highest transparency to our clients.

Our primary focus is to enable our clients to protect themselves, their assets and their projects whether they are in the board room or in a hostile area. We do this by continually updating our Risk Analysis Plan, Threat Evaluation Scenarios, Vulnerability Assessment Plans, and security products/solutions. Our experience and skilled personnel allow us to develop security solutions customized to each of our clients’ needs. (then add the ones in checkmarks)

Setting up Safe Haven for Displaced People

To protect and safeguard lives under the harshest conditions of the environment by providing:

Bathing water
Medical Support

Drinking water

Why wait?

With 12 operating offices , a strong local presence , and a dedicated experienced team with a strong market knowledge in the Milipol industry , TRIPLE S International continues to boost its sales channels in markets such as the Middle East and Africa, as well as stepping up efforts to address the burgeoning power segment.